Here we go…. day one…


Day 1

Agh, back to earth with a bump, first day back to reality after a week away in the sun, now, let me tell you, all inclusive is a sure fire way to get yourself another few lbs round the old waist.. as I well did.

So after a hour or so of checking, double checking and putting new batteries in the scales, they keep coming out with the same results.. 190lbs… what the ‘#@! …  a few tears later and a well needed kick up the bum it’s time to start the 12 week challenge.

For anyone thinking it sounds good heres a link to the site!

If you’re not sure what Kettlercise actually is you use one (heavy ish) piece of equipment to burn fat and tone, its all to do with FAT LIBERATION (well that’s my understanding of it anyway and it sounds good to me!)

I’ve been to 4 Kettlebell (I actually called it hell bell after the first one in a good way though of course) classes with our local Kettlercise instructor, I enjoyed how quick the workout went and how sweaty I was ( in my eyes if you’re not dripping with sweat then you’ve not tried hard enough) but for one reason after another

I’ve not managed to really get to another, so today is a promise to myself, regardless of excuses I will either make it to a class, gym or do it on my own to try my best to complete the 12 week challenge sticking to the “targets” I’ve set myself

12 weeks  Lbs  Stone  Llbs
23/10/2012      190.00         13.00           8.00
30/10/2012      187.00         13.00           5.00 1
06/11/2012      184.00         13.00           2.00 2
13/11/2012      181.00         12.00         13.00 3
20/11/2012      178.00         12.00         10.00 4
27/11/2012      175.00         12.00           7.00 5
04/12/2012      172.00         12.00           4.00 6
11/12/2012      169.00         12.00           1.00 7
18/12/2012      166.00         11.00         12.00 8
25/12/2012      163.00         11.00           9.00 9
01/01/2013      161.00         11.00           7.00 10
08/01/2013      159.00         11.00           5.00 11
15/01/2013      157.00         11.00           3.00 12

More than likely 33lbs in 12 weeks is a bridge to far, BUT, I’m going to give it everything I’ve got.

The husband is going to take a few photos later..already dreading that bit.. it means letting him use my fancy camera ha ha!

He’ll be bringing a newspaper home for me to have a photo with, all my nice underwear is in the wash from the holiday eep! Might have to nip out to buy some nice starting point plain underwear ha ha!

Also wondering what kind of eating plan I should do? Should I join a gym? Is swimming recommended?

The house is literally bare with no food in, so might as well start fresh and do a healthy shop!

A night of investigation I think is in order..after I’ve stuck a few belly out poses of course..

I’ve texted my Kettlebell instructor to let her know I’m starting the challenge (really lucky that she’s one of my good friends) and she’s let me know she’s doing a boot camp in December too which is good, other than that I’ll be attending every Thursday and Sunday. She’s got a boot camp this week which I’ve missed due to my holiday. Gutted. Not the best start…

Liquid intake: 1 x tea semi milk, 3 X LITRE WATER, 1 x tea skimmed milk


Meals: Skipped Breakfast (body still on holiday time), 2 x belvita break bisc 112kcals , SALAD – HAM AND EGG 167 KCALS , PLUS DRESSING 60KCAL. Chicken korma meal 396kcal, maltesters 186kcal, 1 bread 100kcal

Exercise: zilch

Feel: Bloated, not hungry, tired.


Kcals = target 1000kcals – 1021 kcals for day