Breath in its photo time..


Day 2 – Week 1 – Wednesday

Woke up wondering should I weigh myself already?! Surely a day of dieting must have done something, I resist though.

I think someone needs to take the scales away from me.. I’ve decided to ask the husband to hide them and only let me see them every Tuesday morning!

Took photos last night (wanted to die was so humiliated..I always hide from my husband now I had to take my clothes off and stand there with a newspaper.. made me feel self concious..HELP ME) It was pretty funny though, the photos made me look like a midget, we practised with him first doing silly poses to make sure background was okay etc.. then I took the plunge and had the photos taken in plain black shorts and t-shirt bra.. looking at the photos I felt so upset. How did I let myself get that big??

I was even secretly breathing in!!

From the back I look huge. Reality check, I am huge.

Taking 3 shots, front side and back.. at first I was breathing in as much as possible I didn’t really want him to see the full extent of the weight gain.. then I was breathing in just a little, regardless of whatever waits at the end of the 12 weeks I was not subjecting myself to showing him the full extent of my stomach!

We did the measurements too, arms, legs, waist, hips, chest.. I’m going to start a chart on here and I’ll update it weekly with the weight losses, going to save the inches for the last week!

Anyway, today has started off good, had a few weird dreams last night about going to do a marathon but then I ended up doing sit ups in dog dirt..then my best friend was trying to help me brush it out of my hair.. random.. hope that’s not a sign?!

Started with a nice healthy cereal breakfast and have bought skimmed milk, had a brew and just got myself my first large glass of water.

Wish it was Thursday so I could just go and do the first Kettlercise class already, give me a boost. Trying to think of exercise I can do, that doesn’t involve anyone seeing how huge I am? Maybe I could go for a run? But then people will see me running down the road, I’m so judgemental of everyone else, course people will laugh.. I can’t walk up stairs without being shattered how will I run?

Putting myself off the whole thing before I’ve even started !

Texted my instructor to see if there’s a way I can pay in advance for the classes every Tuesday, Thursday & Sunday so I know its all paid for.  Classes are normally £4 each so would be £144 but if I pay upfront its £125 so Ive decided to do that. She’s really supportive and said I sound focussed which was nice to hear!

Booked a block sunbed session too, 45 mins in advance, I know its naughty but I want try to keep a bit of the tan I picked up in Tenerife, not been on one for about 5 years so I’m sure it will be okay going on for 45 mins over next few months, to go on once a week for 6 mins so got 7 weeks (will last up until I go Paris in December)


Liquid intake:  1 X TEA, 2 X WATER (1litre glass)

Meals:  FITNESS CEREAL SKIMMED MILK 160KCAL,  CHILI CHICKEN WITH RICE NODDLES 190KCAL, 2 x belvita biscuits 112 kcals, 1 x tomato pasta meal 400kcals, 1 x custard pot 180 kcals

Exercise:  45 min BLT class


Kcals = target 1000kcals – 1042 kcals for day