a bit of a wobblejog..


Day 3 –  Week 1 – Thursday

I ended up going to a BLT class last night, felt like I needed to do something that wasn’t running and that would kick start me!

When I got there we was split into 2 groups, we did our little warm up by running back and 2 to the middle, then stretched.. We then did 1 minute of either running or floor work, I was shattered!!! Most of my running was slow jogging but I tried my best, the trainer who runs the class is the same one who does the Kettlercise and she is fantastic, she gives lots of positive motivation throughout which spurs you on.

Just wish I felt more confident when I was actually there, I was by far the biggest person. Also my run is more like a wobble/jog!

Despite that I felt awesome when I got back, The husband said he’s noticed I’m allot happier when I exercise! Hope I can keep up this momentum, Just need to keep thinking 190lbs, had a look online to see the risks of being so overweight, it was a bit of an eye opener to be honest!

I put in all my details into an online calculator and it gave me the following

BMI      33.7 –   {I’m seriously obese?!}

The National Institutes of Health provided the following guidelines:

Women: Desirable body mass is 21-23. Obesity (20 percent above the desirable range) begins at 27.5. Serious obesity (40% above) begins at 31.5.

A BMI of 30 through 40: truly overweight, the risk of developing heart disease and other weight-related conditions rises sharply. Most people should lose weight in this category. Adult-onset diabetics in this category should definitely reduce, since blood-sugar control improves with weight loss.

BODY FAT 43.1%

Body Fat

The body fat calculation is based both on weight and waist size, and is exquisitely sensitive to the value for waist. If you lower the value for the weight without changing the waist, the calculation considers this as a loss of muscle mass, and hence the percent body fat goes up. Since it’s difficult to measure waist size accurately, this calculation is not useful when evaluating small changes in body weight.

The percentage of body weight considered “essential fat” is around 4% for men and 10% for women. The American Dietetic Association recommends that men have 15-18% body fat and women have 20-25% body fat. Healthy male athletes might be as low as 5-12% body fat, and healthy female athletes could be as low as 10-20%. The American Council on Exercise recommends men’s body fat should be 6-25%, and women’s should be 14-31%.

My conclusion from it all, basically If I carry on the way I am, I’m heading to an early grave, I’d never really thought of the health implications of being overweight and apparently there are quite a few!

Good timing really as it’s the first Kettlercise class later, going to pay in advance for the 12 weeks 3 times a week to my instructor, and then there are no excuses! A few of my best friends go too which is good, at least I’m not going it alone!

I’ve decided to give myself little treats over the 12 weeks for reaching certain goals, need to sit down and have a think of some “rewards”


Liquid intake:  2 x water ( 1 litre) 1 x bottle water workout

Meals:  1 x cereal 150kcals skimmed milk 30g, 1 x ham egg salad 167kcal, 2 belvita bis 117kcal , 1 x spicy chicken and potato meal 399kcals 1 x brown bread 58kcals maltesres 187kcals

Exercise: Kettlercise class 45 mins

Feel: sore, hungry, thirsty, embaressed of my wobblejog!

Kcals = target 1000kcals – 1078kcals