The same as a 6.4 mile run

Day 4 – Week 1 – Friday


Kettlercise last night! Was really really hard work, I’m so unfit, everyone else is pulsing away and I struggle to keep up feel like I’m running out of breath its awful, I managed to ‘kind of’ keep up, sweat was literally dripping from my nose!!

Hoping after a few more classes I might build up a bit of stamina and be able to breath. It was pretty embarrassing could feel my face bright red and when we were doing the floor exercises I couldn’t even get my legs off the ground ffs…

But, my Kettlercise instructor had put this on online so I recon I must have burnt around 1000kcals surely?

A women of an average weight of 9 stone will burn 657 calories which equates to a 10k / 6.4mile run, the heavier the person the MORE they will burn, during 1 Kettlercise class! Just think you are doing the equivalent of a 10k without ever leaving your mat!

So just going to keep at it, it is only day 4 after all, day 4 of 84… wow, there’s such a long way to go, I’ve never stuck at anything that long before.

Anyway, sat and worked out my rewards last night! Was pretty good looking through and seeing what treats I can have, gave me that extra boost too thinking at the end of it there really might be a new me!

{They’re obviously all about me so don’t think me to be too selfish}

Downloaded a brochure from a local beauty salon to see what I’d like to have done & I’ve put the prices so I know how much they are, I’ve worked out across the 12 weeks if I save £50 a week into another bank account, it will pay for everything so I’m going to do that so no more wasting money on stupid things until then

Number 1 {target time 6/11} when I’ve lost my first 7lbs I’m going to book myself in for a basic manicure and pedicure     £34

Number 2 {target time 13/11} – when I’ve lost 10lbs I’m going to book in for a new hair style cut and colour            £90

Number 3 {target time 27/11} – when I’ve lost 14lbs I’m going to take myself for a full massage and body scrub    £60

Number 4 {target time 4/12} – when I’ve lost 10% of my bodyweight (19lbs so weighing 171lbs) I’m going to take myself for a hydrating facial        £32

Number 5 {target time 18/12} – when I’ve lost 25lbs I’m going to treat myself to a luxury pedicure and manicure ready for Christmas      £52

Number 6 {target 25/12} when I’ve lost 2 stone, 28 lbs, I’m going to buy myself all new makeup             £100

Number 7 {Target 12/01/13} –  I’m going to save money week for the next 12 weeks, then at the end of it go shopping and buy some new “thin” clothes!    £250

I know it’s all a bit unrealistic timing wise, but giving myself something to focus on and rewards at the end of it keeps me focussed better, plus it’s nearly Christmas, YIKES! I hadn’t even thought about what I was going to wear for the girls Christmas night out yet… I’m hoping I’ve lost at least 20lbs by then.  No other nights out in-between now and then though other than a few cinema trips with the husband and days out, and NO meals unless I can plan ahead!


Liquid intake:  4 x water

Meals:  1 x cereal 160kcals, 1 x rice noodle sala d 190kcals, 1 x pasta meal 400kcals 1 x brown bread 50kcals, ½ pack maltesers 90kcals

Exercise: walking dogs 5 miles

Feel:   a little bit motivated, organised, hungry

Kcals = target 1000kcals –  990kcals