Some form of torture device from Russia..


Day 7 – Week 1- Monday 29th October

Weekend over! Ok, so I think I did pretty well for my first weekend!

Summary (2 days)

Liquid intake:  lots of water

Meals:  cereal sat/sun, salad sat, fruit sun, meals main 450kcals small brown bread 100kcals, maltesers sun 187kcal, yogurt sat 100kcals

Exercise: Kettlecise class Sunday

Kcals = target 2000kcals – 2200kcals

Monday morning I’m dying to get on the scales but resisting (well I had my husband hide them so I have no idea where they are ha ha!)

Did the class yesterday morning which was really good, my legs, body in fact whole entire me is aching from Thursday still, so Sunday was torture, no pain no gain I suppose!! I have paid for 36 classes in total and have done 2 ha ha!

I don’t know what possessed me but I decided to wear a long sleeved top Sunday at the class thinking I’d be hotter and therefore burn more calories…I just ended up opening the doors at the back of the room

When you look around the class (there was 36 girls Sunday morning) I was impressed how even some of the fittest girls seem to really put their all into it, made me want to try harder. I still cannot do a sit up or get my legs up in the air, I think the lack of stomach muscles doesn’t help, hopefully that will build up over time.

Kettlebells we’re developed in Russia apparently, some form of torture device no doubt!

Went onto Wikipedia to try to find out a bit more, the bit about high intensity made sense, also love the idea you are burning the same as you would on a 6 mile run?

Decided to completely cut out all caffeine too, try to do a bit of a detox whilst so I’m heading to the shops later to pick up some de caffeinated tea bags, and no more coffee! Wondering what the best thing is to do to boost getting rid of cellulite, maybe another search online might help?

Summary (Monday)

Liquid intake:  water (lots of)

Meals: 1 x fitness cereal with skimmed milk 200kcals, crisp rolls with low fat cream cheese 250kcals, 100kcals yoghurt, meal 450kcals, brown bread 150kcals

Exercise: 100 sits ups

Feel: organised, nervous for tomorrow weigh in

Kcals = target 1000kcals – 1150kcals