Well hello Mr. Brick Wall



Day 2 – Week 2 – Wednesday 31st October

Feeling a bit like I’ve hit a brick wall today, I know the first week I did well, but I just wish the 12 weeks we’re over already,  I hate the way I’ve let myself get this big and unhealthy, when I look around I can’t believe I let it get that bad.

I’ve had a look through old photos from when I used to be 140lbs, I can’t actually believe I’ve managed to somehow add 50lbs to that, it must be doing my body damage it’s like carrying a rucksack with 50 bags of sugar around with me, no wonder my knees ache so much!!

Reading up on the emails Kettlercise have been sending, when you sign up online they send you little emails with tips, one of the questions asked is

 “Surely if I’m eating more meals per day then I’m going to gain weight?
Not true! In fact it’s the complete opposite. Your metabolism likes smaller meals more often and actually processes them more efficiently than larger heavier meals. In fact, saving all of your calories and eating two heavy meals during the day is one of the surest ways to SLOW DOWN your metabolism AND YOU MAY ACTUALLY gain WEIGHT BY DOING THIS!. Try eating 6 meals a day combining 3 lighter meals with 3 healthy snacks.

I think that a great idea, at the moment I’m eating 3 meals a day, I’m going to try and break that down further to 3 lighter meals plus 3 healthy snacks at regular intervals.  It also gives you a tip about screen fish oils? Might have to nip out to the local chemist and see what that is all about then

Wondering if I’m best going doing a bit of exercise if I’m feeling a bit “blah” ??

Might go to the BLT class tonight, was thinking buying myself a little Kettlebell too from the store they’re only £22 and I’m thinking it might help me practise my sit ups, I really cannot get up off the ground when I try? http://www.kettlercise.com/KETTLEBELLS/View-all-products.html

I use a 4kg weight at the moment, our instructor has the full range of them, some people use 6kg, I can’t imagine who would use an 8kg??  I’m no way near that level!


Liquid intake: water, tea,

Meals: belvita breakfast biscuits 200kcals, ham egg salad 190kcals, healthy options meal 400kcals, maltesers 187kcals

Exercise: BLT class 45mins

Feel: achy, tired, unmotivated, not hungry

Kcals = target 1000kcals – 977kcals