L8 Lean Burn shakes..


Day 3 – Week 2 – Thursday 1st November

Been speaking to my Kettlercise instructor this evening about supplements, always been hesitant to take anything in the past but she then explained about L8 Lean burn shakes http://www.kettlercise.com/SUPPLEMENTS/L8-Lean-Burn/flypage.tpl.html

They basically help to break down any stubborn fats, had a look online and read all the reviews about them, I know my instructor isn’t trying the hard sell or anything but I always like to check to be sure!

You get them in 3 flavours; I would pick chocolate (maybe it’d cure my chocolate cravings?? – must remember to look into why I’m getting them so bad!)

I’ve been onto the Kettlercise website and had a look into the ingredients etc and what they’ve said about them (all information taken from www.kettlercise.com in case you want to go have a read up) I think I might give them a try at some point over the  coming 12 weeks.

L-8 Lean Burn™ is a carefully selected and blended formula of fat burners that could aid fat loss whilst enhancing both muscle definition and tone and is especially for people that are not as toned and sculptured as they would like to be.

Research has proven that certain ingredients can increase the rate of which fat is used as energy when you exercise.  L-8 Lean Burn™ has specially developed levels of C.L.A (Conjugated Linoleic Acid), * Green Tea, *L-Carnitine, Vitamin and Mineral Matrix, Prebiotic (Fructo-Oligosaccharides) and it’s a combination of these ingredients that work as a fat loss activator – a blend of ingredients to help you lose fat, get lean and give you the enhanced tone and sculptured body shape that you desire.

L8-Lean Burn™ can help you to achieve your fat-loss and toning goals as part of your healthy-eating and exercise plan and helps in supporting both healthy weight loss as an appetite suppressant and as a muscle enhancing nutritional program.

When used correctly and combined with a healthy diet the results can be remarkable.

So I’ve ordered them online lets see how long it takes to arrive , £29.99 plus free delivery straight from them which is fab, works out as just over £1.36 per serving! Apparently you make them up with skimmed milk too. No idea how to incorporate them into my meal plan but I’ll give it a think!


Liquid intake: water , lots of, tea

Meals: cereal 180kcals, ham salad 200kcal, meal 390kcals, bread 100kcals, yoghurt 100kcals

Exercise: Kettlercise Class

Feel: Blah

Kcals = target 1000kcals – 970kcals