The flap


Day 4 – Week 2 – Friday 2nd November

Kettlercise last night!

It’s amazing how hard it is, it’s my 4th class (32 to go ha ha!) I try to keep myself in a “zone” whilst I’m there thinking that the harder I work the more calories I burn off

It’s hard to shake myself out of feeling self conscious when I’m there; I head straight to the back of the room, in the corner away from everyone, wearing black baggy clothes

Going to take myself for a long walk later with the dogs see if I can loosen up the muscles a bit, I’m aching all over

Decided to do my food shopping online tonight as well, then have it delivered over the weekend (we are at a bonfire Saturday where my husband has his shop) I’m dreading it already,

I’ve been so good being at work and at home as I have removed all temptation, I still crave chocolate after every meal though? I’ve not quiet managed to shake my maltesers habit.

I bought a Kettlebell too last night so I’m going to practise my sit ups!

At the moment unless I have someone sat on my feel I’m going nowhere, I must have really weak stomach muscles or “core strength” as my instructor calls it.

I really want to get rid of “the flap” the huge fold of skin that’s below my belly button; I’ve had no kids it’s just pure FAT! I’ve taken a few photos in the mirror this morning, when the challenge is over I hope I look back and think wow it’s gone!! Its like someone has added a big lip and made my stomTach 3 times as big!


Liquid intake: water, tea, milk

Meals: belvita breakfast biscuits 200kcals, apple 50kcals, brown bread 100kcals, 3 egg omelette 300kcals, maltesers 190kcals

Exercise: non.

Feel: bloated, tired (think I’m getting a!)

Kcals = target 1000kcals –840kcals