Bonfire night


Day 5& 6 – Week 2 – Saturday/Sunday 3rd/4th November

Bonfire night and stock take at the husbands shop this weekend, thankfully it’s not a food shop, although there is a cafe on site, but it’s out of view when I’m in there! Its free food Ive heard too at the cafe…Got a nice massage booked Saturday too

Plus a class on the Sunday morning which is hard (but fun) I’m starting to get used to the routine now instead of having to look around the room,

I stand right at the back of the class too, so no one can see me, I don’t wear my glasses so I can only just make the instructor out, I know I’m strange, amazing what you’ll do to stay out of sight, wonder if one day I’ll want to go to the front of the class ?

I was asked this weekend what made me decide to do the 12 week challenge? I mentioned a bit about myself on day 1 (see about me) but I’ve listed a few key words I think of when I think of why I want to be thin and healthy..


Home life



Self conscious


Sexy underwear (sorry mother)


Nice dresses





Nice skin

Our instructor has announced a load of bootcamps too, 4 before my final “measure” needless to say I’m booked on them all, 6-6.45am Monday-Friday, which means I won’t be doing the Thursday night class or Sunday buts its better as the workout is every morning before work gives me a boost (I hope!)

Now after doing the 4 bootcamps, healthy eating and drinking a shed loads of water I don’t lose inches then there is no hope ha ha ha!!