I avoided temptation!


Day 7 – Week 2 – Monday 5th November

Weekends food intake was pretty good considering I went to a Bonfire Saturday night and there was FREE food, burgers, hotdogs, chips, hotpot, cakes, sweets..you name it! I had 2 cans of diet coke… wow!

Summary Weekend (2 days)

Liquid intake: Water, green tea, diet coke

Meals:  cereals, fruit, melon, chkn sand light, yoghurt, 2 x light meals,

Exercise: Kettlecise class Sunday

Feel: irritated all weekend!

Kcals = target 2000kcals – 2200kcals

Wanted to read up about the L8 shakes, been on the Kettlercise facebook page today reading some of the questions and comments from people, actually gave me a little boost in confidence that I’m not the only one who has lots of questions about the shakes, I think sometimes from an experts perspective the instructions are pretty clear but sometimes I think it helps to dumb it down (especially for me!)


Someone asked about the L* Lean shakes “Hi, Can you give me guidance on taking the protein shakes please. I am trying to burn fat; streamline muscle (I can get quite bulky if too high a weight). Do I take it before a class, after a class, or half and half?

Hi, when taking the L-8 Lean Burn we would recommend taking this twice a day. We would suggest taking straight after you work out to help aid your recovery and to help repair muscle from training plus other benefits. Please see the attached link for more information. Regards, Nikkihttp://www.kettlercise.com/SUPPLEMENTS/L8-Lean-Burn/flypage.tpl.html

Also on another question too

Hi Many thanks for your question regarding supplements. Yes your right you can use the protein shake as a meal replacement – so having one for breakfast is a good idea but you should also be taking the shake ‘post’ workout as you’ll recover far more quickly and see results much faster. I hope this helps, if you need anything else please do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks, Nikki.

Ooo, so I should take the shake after my workout which is good to know so I’ll do that from tomorrow.


Liquid intake: water, green tea

Meals: fintness cereal, skimmed milk 180kcals, melon, green apple, grapes 100kcal, omelette (3 egg) yoghurt 100kcals, brown bread 150kcals

Exercise: x

Feel: like im getting a cold, tired

Kcals = target 1000kcals –830kcals