Day 1 – Week 3 – Tuesday 6th November

Week 3?? Whoop!!!

Kettlercise class this morning at 6am was pretty hard! Feeling very tired at the moment (I miss coffee!) Must be my body going through withdrawals, gave it all I had though, still can’t touch my toes!!

Back home, showered then time to get on the scales, Tuesday 6th November, according to the “plan” I should be 184lbs…

I’m actually now… 182.3lbs  means a total weight loss of 3.1lbs!! Right on track 7.7lbs down!

It also means I get my first TREAT!! YEY!!! So pedicure and manicure to be booked and total bonus I’ve just been on one of those voucher sites and found one within 5 miles from me for £18 for both (should be £48) so that’s a huge bonus.

Reading through the emails you get from Kettlercise and came across the 14 day plan one (title Incinerate Fat Fast!) which sounds good to me!

Think I might give it a go starting tomorrow, Seems really good, it also allows a “cheat” day on day 15 and the food (apart from nuts as I’m not allowed to eat them so will carry on with the fish oil supplements too) seems pretty tasty.

Need to sit and do a list of foods for the first 5 days, will start it tomorrow I think, it should also give my weight loss a boost weeks 3 & 4,  Got my L8 lean shake too which I’ve started having after workouts, I’m not going to try the capsules as yet as even when I drank caffeine I was a bit sensitive to it and I think the tables may at the moment make me jittery, maybe towards the end when I need a week 11 Weight loss boost after Christmas!

Got a meal out with my friend tonight, only to a local garden centre, it’s gorgeous there at Christmas, they do HUGE salad bowls though so I’m going to have one of them and not get tempted by the massive slabs of cake and chocolate everywhere.. sigh


Liquid intake: green tea, water

Meals:   melon 50, banana 50, soup 150,  chicken ceaser salad ( I went out for tea) 700, green apple 50

Exercise: 6am Kettlercise class

Feel:  motivated & happy

Kcals = target 1000kcals – 1000kcals