Kettlercise DVD


Day 2 – Week 3 – Wednesday 7th November (day 1 meal plan)

So I sat down last night and worked out my meal plan for today so within the summary I’m going to detail out what I’m eating, I’m not going to obviously give you a word by word detail of what the Ebook tells me, if you’re interested you can sign up and download it yourself for free by signing up online it really is a great website, you can also buy Kettle bells and DVDs if you don’t have a local instructor!

Speaking of the DVD I’ve just  bought the first one KettlerciseTM Just for Women 2 Disc DVD Set £24.99 as I’m worrying about next week getting to classes as I’ve a busy week. So atleast I can do it at home.

Studied the meal plan,I can’t eat nuts though as my husband has nut allergies, so that’s one thing I’ve not been able to have for the past 6 years, unless he’s away of course!

I’ve done a shopping list, one of the tips is to be prepared 3-5 days in advance in the cupboards, so I did a shop last night after reading through the meal plan and doing a detailed plan for 14 days “fail to prepare, prepare to fail” I’m naturally a very organised person anyway, I love spreadsheets and details, so this is no exception!

Its going to cost around £50 a week to do the 2 week plan so its not exactly cheap but it will be worth it. I nipped and got a few bits last night to get me started so here goes nothing ey! If I can maintain a loss of 3lbs each week thats exactly where I need to be



Breakfast Vegetable juice /egg.

Mid Morning    Green apple

Lunch Tuna salad /

Mid Afternoon Low Fat Natural Yoghurt

Dinner Chicken Breast & steamed broccoli & spinach

Pre Dinner L-8 Lean Burn (Chocolate Flavour)

Water 8 glasses a day standard

green tea with lemon


Exercise: 45 mins BLT class

Feel:  ok