Your nose looks thinner..

Day 3 – Week 3 – Thursday 8th November (day 2 meal plan)


“You can tell you’re losing weight… you nose looks a lot thinner”

Quote of the day from the husband PMSL!

Anyway, I’ve known my instructor for many years now, she’s helped me every time I go through a weight loss phase, which normally lasts a week, I lose 3 lbs, I have a treat to reward myself and then never get back on the diet. That’s all I ever normally do, in fact I can’t actually believe I’m on week 3 of this and I’ve not cheated once!! When she first mentioned that she was going to do a Kettlercise training course I had no idea what it was and when she said it burnt fat without running around I was definitely intrigued!

You can find a list of local qualified instructors here

When I went for my massage last week which I forgot to tell you was amazing, its suppose to help drainage and help with water retention which I suffer loads from, the lady told me that eating a stick of cucumber each day helps aid it, I think I’ll give that a try when I’m off this eating plan not sure if cucumber in sticks will be allowed. Better to be safe than sorry!

I’ve noticed that doing the Kettlebell my wrists are sore from the actual Kettlebell so I’ve been and picked up some little gloves and wrist bands ha!! Like actual 80s gear! Cannot wait to wear them later, will give my friends something to laugh at! We’ll see whos laughing when my hands stay nice and soft and my wrists don’t hurt!



Breakfast Vegetable juice and egg.

Mid Morning green

Lunch Tuna with salad

Mid Afternoon LEEK SOUP

Dinner  Turkey Breast  WITH STIR FRY

Pre dinner L-8 Lean Burn after class

Water 8 glasses

green tea with lemon


Exercise: Kettlercise Class

Feel:  A bit hungry and bloated