Stand up straight


Still doing the diet plan, it’s getting easier; I must admit my first few days were a bit of a struggle, it does warn you about that though! Day 4/5 at the moment

They do warn you that the first few days your body goes through a bit of a withdrawal process , that’s very true!

Came across these tips today on Womens Fitness


Skipping a session is no disaster. If you have to miss a day or two, that’s ok. Muscle does not turn to fat. Obviously too long a break can be detrimental but so can pushing yourself to the limit every single day. The rest phase is actually when the body strengthens and repairs itself. Continuous training can make you weaker; remember slow and steady wins the race!

Stand up straight
Lousy posture can be a key factor in making your stomach look much fatter than it actually is. Stand to your full height and try not to slouch; with a straight back and chest high the abs will naturally pull themselves in.

Train your entire core
You will never achieve your six pack goal if you don’t properly train your entire core. This means your obliques, lower back, pelvis, glutes and hip flexors. A strong core will mean better balance and stability; weak core muscles leave you susceptible to poor posture, lower back pain and muscle injuries.


Breakfast Vegetable juice egg.

Mid Morning apple

Lunch Chicken salad

Mid Afternoon shake

Dinner Omelette

Pre dinner yoghurt with strawberries


green tea with lemon

Day 5 – SUNDAY – CLASS 10.30AM

Mid Morning shake

Lunch Tuna with green salad

Mid Afternoon green apple

Dinner  Chickenstir fry

Pre dinner yoghurt with strawberries

Water green tea with lemon


Exercise: Kettlecise class Sunday