Day 7 – Week 3 – Monday 12th November (day 6 meal plan)

Busy 2 weeks in work coming up, I hope I can keep my focus, signed up for 2 boot camps w/c 3rd December & w/c 17th December at 6am each day, should give my inch loss a real boost before Christmas!  Costs just £29 for the 5 mornings (I’ve already paid for my 12 weeks in advance)

Wondering if there’s anything I can do to try and keep myself motivated? So far the image of Day 1 week 1 embarrassment of getting my photo taken by my husband has done it!

I’ve also decided to buy a shake shaker from Kettlercise, you can get them either on their website or on Amazon I’ve discovered! Its driving me insane trying to do it with a fork and I cannot get it to mix correctly that way

Booked for a laser eye consultation in December too today, very exciting! My friend has had it done recently and she loves the change to her sight, so I think I’m going to go see how much and possibly get it done in January after the challenge!



Breakfast omlette

Mid Morning Celery sticks & Tuna

Lunch Leek SOUP

Mid Afternoon L-8 Lean Burn

Dinner lean beef

Pre dinner yoghurt with strawberries


green tea with lemon


Exercise: sit ups and lunges – practising with kettlebell

Feel: ok.