Weigh day week 3


Day 1 – Week 4 – Tuesday 13th November (day 7 meal plan)

Week 3 weigh in!!

I’m dreading this week, I can’t go to bums legs and tums, I’m having my hair done Thursday so will miss Kettlercise (its not on anyway as its voting day) and have an appointment Friday so I can’t get to abs class. I bought the DVD last week so I can do it a couple of the mornings instead. I’ve got a 4kg Kettlebell already , and I bought a 6kg which I’ve been using to practise situp’s at home and I take it to class with me also.

So, on the scales…. 178lbs!!!!


I’ve lost 12lbs so far then #happydance yey, means I can get my hair done now!!

And I’m upto treat number 2

Number 2 {target time 13/11} – when I’ve lost 10lbs I’m going to book in for a new hair style cut and colour

If there is one tip to come out of this, its find ways to keep yourself motivated because its not easy staying focussed, but having treats has worked for me!

Only problem Ive got now is Im literally stressing out thinking I’m going to end up gaining weight this without exercising Thursday and Friday so I’ve set up my exercise zone in the spare room to do it, and the DVD is in all ready!

Nice to tweet you…

Some people I follow on twitter who really have helped my through the first 3 weeks by giving little handy tips and inspirational quotes!

Me! @teapotchallenge

Kettlebell Seminars @kettlersize_UK

Micheal Ross @0Michealross



Breakfast L-8 Lean

Mid Morning green apple

Lunch Tuna with green salad

Dinner Chicken  stir fry with olive oil,

Pre dinner Vegetable juice egg

Water 8 glasses a day standard

green tea with lemon

Exercise: 6am Kettlercise Class

Feel: Ive not ate enough today