What is Kettlercise?


Day 2 – Week 4 – Wednesday 14th November (day 8 meal plan)

Its week 4 already??

So if you’ve never heard of Kettlercise you probably wonder exactly what it is? In simple terms its an exercise class, which goes very quick and makes you sweat buckets, tone up and lose weight quickly without doing any stupid diets!! But for a more technical description here is what the website says about it!

Taken from http://www.kettlercise.com/about-us.html

Here’s What Kettlercise® IS……..

  • It uses our specially formulated B.S.M. method…..our own secret formula to maximising calorie burn – destroying fat super quick!
  • It get’s results……fast
  • It does what it says on the box
  • It melts fat
  • It redefines your abs
  • It increases lean, toned muscle for a more sculpted appearance
  • It’s THE ALL over body transform fat loss and toning program
  • It’s the real deal from the UK’s No 1 Kettlebell expert
  • It’s already a proven success
  • It could take no more than 20 minutes of your day to get the perfect you
  • It’s safe and effective
  • It removes the need for a gym membership
  • It destroys the myth that you need heavy weights to get the results you want
  • It’s fun
  • It covers all levels of fitness beginner to advanced
  • ·         It’s step by step clear instruction and hand held coaching through 37 kettlebell exercises

Kettlercise® covers a huge range of 37 kettlebell exercises ranging from basic moves to more advanced techniques, from high energy pulse raises to being able to place extra emphasis on target muscle groups like abs, glutes, arms and thighs and all with maximum effectiveness.

Kettlercise® totally destroys the myth surrounding kettlebells. Some websites recommend you start with a 20kg kettlebell (sometimes doubled up)!! Totally outrageous if you ask me and is literally an accident waiting to happen. I’ve read kettlebells being described as ‘brutal’ and effective……………….you don’t have to train with huge kettlebells for it to be effective and that’s why Kettlercise® IS so effective. Never before has it been sooooooooo much fun to exercise with a kettlebell!



Breakfast yoghurt with strawberries

Mid Morning Celery sticks & Tuna

Lunch ham/egg  salad

Mid Afternoon green apple

Dinner  Steamed Broccoli & chicken,

Pre dinner L-8 Lean Burn)


green tea with lemon

Exercise: Ended up getting to a last min Kettlercise Class 8.15pm!

Feel:  Happy I managed to get to a class