Fad diets

Measure tape wrapped around green apple

Day 3 – Week 4 – Thursday 15th November (day 9 meal plan)

Hair booked for tonight, excited! Its my treat for losing 10lbs, very excited! Class is cancelled for tonight anyway due to voting, so it fits in perfectly

Did the DVD this morning, was FAB, really enjoyed it! I must admit I like the social element of going to class which is really fun, but this will do if I can’t get to a class, and also will be good for mornings when I feel like doing that extra bit.

Fad diets.

We’ve all done them, if you haven’t then you are lucky. I can honestly say I’ve never done a healthy diet, mine have always been VLCD (very low calorie diet) or something stupid like just shakes, or just cereal. This diet, although it’s a 14 day low carb diet, its not a no carb diet (no bad breath) also its about the long term aims not short term.

Water retention.

I don’t know if it’s only me, but I think I suffer pretty bad from water retention, but I do have to say over the past 4 weeks I’ve noticed that I don’t feel as “bloated”

So drinking more water has definitely helped and also being on this meal plan!



Breakfast Vegetable juice hard boiled egg.

Mid Morning green apple

Lunch Leek SOUP

Mid Afternoon L-8 Lean Burn

Dinner chicken with broccoli and cauliflower

Pre dinner Celery sticks & Tuna


green tea with lemon


Exercise: DVD Kettlercise

Feel:  motivated