What to expect when you go to a Kettlercise class?



Day 4 – Week 4 – Friday 16th November 2012 (day 10 meal plan)

Just spoke to a lady who is doing the challenge too and she said she’s been keeping track of tips etc online too, She also recommended following http://blog.kettlebellseminars.co.uk/ I’m going to have a good read though over the weekend and report back with all the tips and advice I’ve picked up!!

What to expect when you go to a class?

Now I’m no expert, but now I have been to a fair few Kettlercise classes with my instructor. Incase you’re wondering, or worried about the class, then don’t be!

I always arrive 15 minutes before the class starts, everyone is really friendly and after you have signed in and paid (my class is £4.00 but most are around £5.00 from research) then I go collect a mat and a Kettlebell ( I use 4kg) and find a spot. If you are new you are suppost to go to the front.. you can also pick up a 2kg if its the first time you’ve ever been

First you warm up, get your muscles going, and then you start the routines with the Kettlebells. The instructor will guide you through each move, shouting for each change etc to music, I love the music our insutructor uses, if I could breath I would sing along ha ha… Then before the end of the certain move the next one is explained and so on. You do various moves, by the time you feel like you can do no more you’re changing to the next; you build up a hell of a sweat! The instructor is always really motivational too and she does it herself with you.

Then floor work, which sounds easy but isn’t! If it gets easy you are encouraged to do the more advanced versions, or given easier ones if you are new.

Then the warm down, a huge stretch, shake off and everyone does a big round of applause!

Everyone leaves sweaty, read faced BUT they all have a big smile on their faces that’s for sure! Everyone is really friendly and has a little chat, no one goes with a negative additude so it works really well.



Mid Morning green apple

Lunch HAM salad

Mid Afternoon L-8 Lean Burn

Dinner Omelette

Pre dinner yoghurt with strawberries


green tea with lemon


Exercise: Abs blast class