New trainers

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Day 5& 6 – Week 4 – Sat/Sun    17th/18th Nov(day 11/12 meal plan) 

Well I said I’d report back on my findings on the blog!

My favourite is #5 Holiday Secrets to a Flatter Stomach


Bootcamp starts tomorrow, going to go out and buy some new things to wear! I always wear a long sleeved top, stops the Kettlebell rubbing my wrist, and I wear wrist protectors and gloves.


I never thought I would enjoy the idea of buying new gym wear, but I really am! I’m going to get some new trainers , top and trousers, doing the Bootcamp next week I’ll need to be washing one wearing one! I’m so nervous, I’m not really an early morning person at all, so 5.30am alarm for 5 days will be a killer, don’t expect big posts on here till next week ha ha!



Breakfast OMLETTE

Mid Morning celery sticks

Lunch Tuna with green salad.

Mid Afternoon L-8 Lean Burn (Chocolate Flavour)

Dinner  Chicken/turkey stir fry with olive oil, STIR FRY PEPPERS, ONIONS, LEEKS

Pre dinner green apple & water

Water 8 glasses a day standard

green tea with lemon


Breakfast L-8 Lean Burn (Chocolate Flavour)

Mid Morning green apple & water

Lunch omlette

Dinner lean beef patties

Pre dinner Organic low fat natural yoghurt with strawberries

Water 8 glasses a day standard

green tea with lemon