Nothing tastes as good..

nothing tastes as good

Day 2 – Week 5 – Wednesday 21st November 2012 CHEAT DAY!

Its finally here, cheat day, I actually feel bad doing it and am trying to avoid being too bad. As it warns that by eating foods your body is not used to can make you feel pretty yuk!

My friend said to me “Nothing tastes as good as being thin feels”

Although now I think I’ll change that to

“Nothing tastes as good as being HEALTHY feels”

I’ve lost 15lbs so far, so that also means I get another treat, I’m really enjoying this side of it, so full body massage booked in for next Monday, exciting!!

Number 3 {target time 27/11} – when I’ve lost 14lbs I’m going to take myself for a full massage and body scrub

So now I’m onto treat number 4 as a target, which is 10% of my bodyweight for a lovely facial eek!! So 4lbs to go!


Liquid intake: Loads of water, green tea

Meals:  Lets just say I was bad, but not TOO bad!!


Feel:  excited