We never did get that summer after all


Day 3 – Week 5 – Thursday 22nd November

Eurk, I feel like Im getting ill, either that or the effects of the Bootcamp are getting to me more than I expected! Time will tell I suppose, the hall is pretty cold in a morning when you first get in there not like it is during the day after a full days use.

But, I made sure I took my vitamins before bed and then this morning I definitely felt like I had more energy, apart from a real bad pain in my shoulder ( I dislocated it when I was 11 and its never been right since) but this morning I actually managed to do the full work out, and touch my toes!!! It made me happy ha ha!! Someone said to me this morning when we was on the way into class “We never did get that summer after all”

Got me thinking, I bet many of you could not wait for that baking hot summer’s day, bring out the vest tops, and ditch the tights and jackets, not me.

You ask any of my friends, everything I wear involves having my arms being covered up,  I went on a hen do to a male strip bar (don’t ask it was not my best evening to say it’s not my thing is an understatement it was sweaty, cheesy and horrendous!) anyway, the theme burlesque.. I wore trousers, vest under a black top, and a black leather jacket… regardless of how hot I was, that jacket was not being removed!!

Same goes for every night out I have, I am hoping sooo much that maybe for New Years Eve I might have a little bit of confidence to wear something even with short sleeves? I think sleeveless might be saved for when I reach my final target!


Liquid intake: water, green tea, coffee

Meals: banana 100kcal, green apple 50kcal, cereal 250kcal, omelette 300kcal, brown bread 120kcal, fat free yoghurt 100kcal


Kcals = target 1000kcals – 920kcals