Everyone’s a winner baby..


Day 7 – Week 5 – Monday 26th November 2012

Everyone’s a winner baby, I’ve not really talked much about the actual Kettlercise 12 week challenge and why I decided to do it, but an email came today which reminded me how much of a transformation can happen when you do actually stick to it

Here are the Kettlercise Challenge phase 1 winners (to sign up for phase 4 follow this link www.kettlercise.com)

Pretty impressive I think you’d agree I hope I get that kind of transformation!! Even the runners up look amazing

PHASE 1 WINNER.  http://blog.kettlebellseminars.co.uk/?p=680
“My outlook on life has totally changed and I tell everyone about Kettlercise®. I’m so glad the pictures were taken beforehand (I was totally embarrassed) as you don’t realise just what you have achieved until you see the ‘now’ pictures side by side with the before pictures. – BIG self esteem boost. Kettlercise has had a HUGE effect on me I love it, its given me and continues to give me so much confidence in myself” – WENDY DAVIES, PHASE 1, 1st PRIZE WINNER £1,000.00’s.

Here are the Kettlercise Challenge phase 2 winners (to sign up for phase 4 follow this link www.kettlercise.com)
PHASE 2 Winner.  http://blog.kettlebellseminars.co.uk/?p=928
I am so grateful & thankful to Kettlercise for giving me the opportunity to take part in the challenge, it has changed my life in many ways and taught me all I need to know about diet and exercise to stay fit and healthy……I am proof that if you put the work in you can achieve anything, I feel empowered and I just don’t want to stop. Even though my challenge has finished I think Kettlercise will always be a big part of my life and I know I will keep seeing improvements.” – SAMANTHA FORWARD, PHASE 2 1st PRIZE WINNER £1,000.00’s.

It’s definitely given me a boost to keep going, I hope my end result is as impressive!

I’m really looking forward to seeing the phase 3 winners, I missed the deadline by 2 weeks typical ey!

I’ve decided not to keep putting my food diary online, not because I’m cheating, but because I think now I am in week 5 I’ve gained a better control of what I am eating, looking towards healthy regular meals rather than trying to calorie control things, I may be mistaken and go back to them ha ha!!

I’ll be adding my classes attended to this page too and how I feel is pretty much described in my blog day by day