Weigh Day Week 5 done!


Day 1 – Week 6 – Tuesday 27th November 2012

Weigh day week 5 done!

According to “plans” I set out to be 175lbs today, which is 12stone 7lbs, I’m well and truley focussed on that 168lbs “overweight” milestone!

So today (drumrole) I’m ……….172 !!!  12st 4 lbs, can you believe it?

(I cannot tell you how much I love not being 13stone something but I still despise being classed as obese) I need to try and train my mind to think differently and see whats happened to my body shape too

Focus on the inch loss and health benefits not the weight loss.

So one of the tips from Kettlercise is to focus on the Inch loss and the “transformation” not the basic weight loss, I’m focussing on this for the blog as the rules of the Kettlercise 12 week challenge state that the before and after photos and inch loss have to be unpublished (unless I’ve misinterpreted)  so I’m saving them till right at the end.

(From Kettlercise email)

most people are obsessed with what goes on on the scales, ‘I’ve lost 3 LB’s this week….yikes I gained a LB the following week’ (……you know the story) but what they don’t really do is pay any attention to their body composition (the transformation that taking place right in front of them!)