Day 2 – Week 6 – Wednesday 28th November

Went to a seminar this morning, for once didn’t feel quiet as self conscious as I normally would and I managed to find clothes to wear that didn’t make me feel like I couldn’t breathe!!

I actually found myself talking to some women who knew eachother from netball and thinking that it sounded fun and maybe I’d give it a try?

Now thats a turn out for the books let me tell you!

I also told them about Kettlercise classes and how fantastic they was, I sounded like a advert when I was telling them, I should start getting commission ha ha ha!!!

I don’t go to the gym at the moment, I will consider joining (after the new year rush) but I think I’d like to start looking for somewhere to go swimming eventually once I feel confident enough? Maybe I’ll dig out my costume for over the next few weeks