“It’s not about the money, money, money”


Day 3 – Week 6 –  Thursday 29th November

In your best Jessie J voice…

“It’s not about the money, money, money”

Seriously, day 37 out of 84 and this is the first time I’m going to mention the actual prize? Why you might think? Well for me it’s much more about the health and mental benefits of losing weight, I want a happy home life, a (cover your ears mother) more active sex life..yes I said it “cringe” I want to feel confident and happy, I want to go on holiday and wear a BIKINI yikes!! I’m 33 not 63.. I’ve worn swimsuits the past few years feeling conscious hiding under umbrellas so no one thinks I’m covered up,

Actually, the prize for me is now becoming more about that transformation, I want to impress you with my before and after photos! I want people to see me and comment on how different I look, day 84 I know I won’t be back to wear I’m aiming to be 140lbs (normal weight BMI), BUT I will get there.

Determination breeds success.

I would like to win the phase 4 challenge though for my instructor, she’s fantastic, a real friend and also a great motivator, I’d guess without her day 7 I probably would have given in.

She’s always there to text or ring with questions and never, ever makes you feel like a failure, we did laugh that if I won she’d buy new teeth (I actually think her teeth are pretty perfect ha ha) maybe I should have called it the “new teeth challenge” ha ha!! 

Just wait till you see what she looks like, my god, if there was ever a motivational figure..its hers!

On another note you know that if you are having a bad day, feeling down or need anything she’s there, even if she wasnt already my friend, she would certainly be after attending her classes

Its amazing how many people recommend her from my town, without her when I started on the 23rd October Id have never have got anywhere, so really I want to win this as a thank you, cheesy as it sounds. At the end of this challenge, i think I’ll owe her more than money.