Its December already??!!


Day 5& 6 – Week 6 – Saturday/Sunday 1st/2nd December

Its December already??!!

Boot camp next week, every morning 6am at a hall about 5 minutes from me, I think getting up at that time and then working will pretty much wipe me out, but there will be 40 other ladies who will be feeling the exact same way

My instructor is doing another one week commencing 17th also which I’m signed up for doing, as I’m sure even she needs a break in between Christmas and New year.

Both weeks cost £29.00 each which I think is well worth it, I’m going to do the Sunday class still as I like that one

Had a night out with the girls Saturday aswell, it was lovely, had a meal (I stayed as healthy as possible) we all gathered at my house during the day and we had our hair and makeup done, was a really good day!