Weigh day Week 6


Day 1 – Week 7 – Tuesday 4th December – day 2 Boot camp – WEIGH DAY!

Oh my , this is flying by now, over half way through the challenge, YEY!!

Day 2 of bootcamp, didnt feel too bad, still got this cold but went for a nice soak after class to try to get my body back together,

So today the plan should be I am 172lbs (12st 4lbs) and Ive got on the scales and I am 170lbs!!! Thats 20lbs down!! And time to book treat number 4

Number 4 {target time 4/12} – when I’ve lost 10% of my bodyweight (19lbs so weighing 171lbs) I’m going to take myself for a hydrating facial.

After thinking hard about what it said yesterday re burning 3500kcals it made me wonder how many calories I burn each day?

Apparently it’s called your basal metabolic rate – the number of calories per day your body burns, and therefore the number of calories you could eat per day to maintain your current weight.


Mine is around 2000 Kcals.

So if I eat 1000kcals a day, and burn an extra 3500 exercising this week every day for 45 minutes then I should be hitting my 3lbs target for this week, fingers crossed!