4 down 1 to go!


Day 3 – Week 7 – Thursday 6th December – day 4 Boot camp

4 down, YEY!! Gets better after Wednesday, everyone has more energy strangely enough and seems alot happier, you can feel your muscles working!

Change of attitude towards my body. It’s amazing over the past few weeks how my opinion of my body has changed, I’ve gone from wanting to simply lose weight, anyone can see that in the early days of the challenge it was all about the weight loss, that was it.

Now it’s about a better body image, more toned, less flab, more definition, being slender and sleek and not just lose a load of weight and then hide it under clothes, I want to be able to wear a vest at Kettlercise!! Our instructor has had loads made up for us to wear, feel a bit too flabby at the moment… but soon!!

Now I’m the girl who wouldn’t even dream of wearing a bikini on holiday, now I’m thinking that I’ll one day be showing my stomach off in a class of people I know!!

Now that is a big attitude adjustment for me!

Have got my eye consultation later as well for Laser eye surgery, very exciting!!