Day 4 – Week 7 – Friday 7th December – day 5 Boot camp

Final day of bootcamp, hurrah!! This is the day everyone bounds in full of energy and is busy laughing as its the last early get up!

I had my laser eye consultation last night, booked it for just before new year. can’t exercise for a week afterwards but I’m not worried as long as I try hard before the consultatant told me about a few vitamins to take

Vitamins, Michael Ross (see twitter @0michalross) put this about vitamins

Vitamins?? Big important rule of thumb. Try to recover your vitamins from natural sources! E.g. .Strawberries are jam

packed with Vit C!

A Vit C tablet is like an orange!. The ‘peel’ is Ascorbic Acid..but the rest of the complex, the natural goodness isn’t there!

It’s made me think about the vitamins I take, at the moment I take cod liver oil, omega 3 fish oil, multivitamins plus iron and evening primrose oil… I wonder if I even need them all. I don’t really take any vitamin c at the moment, probably why I’ve always got a cold, I’m going to check my multivits and see the RDA for Vitamin C and see if I’m getting it!

I follow Michael on twitter (hes not my local instructor) but if you are in his area I’d recommend going to see him he comes across very nice and very knowledgable

He also is starting a Kettlercise for the blind or deaf which I think is wonderful