DVD volume II


Day 2 – Week 8 – Wednesday 12th December

Going back through the emails I receive from Kettlercise one of them is called 8 Pitfalls of Exercise & Eating Right, I won’t give you all the details to it (sign up here if you want to receive the emails too) I know I sound like a Kettlercise advert but seriously the emails have helped me LOADS!! The first tip relates to sugars, and I think it’s made me finally realise why I have a sweet tooth, and actually made me really think about “simple sugar” and what I should be looking for in foods!

My DVD volume 2 arrived today aswell, YEY!! So now I have both DVD’s & a 4kg and 6kg Kettlebell.

No excuses if I can’t ever make it to class! And after my 1lb weight loss after being naughty Im back on track with eating the right things too, yey!!

I couldn’t make the bums, legs and tums class tonight so I did the DVD instead, I must say both volume 1 and 2 are excellent, well worth a buy if you love the classes.

I’ll do a full review of both the DVD’s next week and let you know what I think and how they work