Day 3 – Week 8 – Thursday 13th December

Ordering the supplements and shakes today ready for 1st January, I tried the shakes when I did my first 14 day plan, and they actually tasted yummy! I only had chocolate flavour though, I know there is no point trying any other, and I always thought it such a cliché until now about exercising after Christmas, I’ve always joined the gym, started a new fad diet, but Kettlercise really is different. I could gush about it all day long, I know people say exercise can change their lives, I hope it does mine!

The shake comes in 22 servings so I’ve still got 8 left, I’m going to use them at next weeks bootcamp after each workout in the morning see (Day 7 – Week 2 – Monday 5th  ) for answers re the shakes.

As Ive got my laser eye I wont be able to do the class, but I am doing the meal plan still.