Week 8 Weigh Day – Cheaper than therapy


Day 1 – Week 9 – Tuesday 18th  December – day 2 Boot camp – WEIGH DAY!

So I know from (Day 4 – Week 4 – Friday 16th November 2012) that I have at least one person who reads this. But even with no one here I think this blog has been invaluable. To anyone thinking of starting any kind of personal challenge, whether it is physical or emotional I think keeping a daily diary helps wonders.

Its let me be able to look back and see how I felt, see the days I struggled, see the days I found easy, it’s also let me see a full attitude adjustment to life, how judgemental I was on myself and how disappointed I used to be.

Simply just trying to “think” back would have been hard, how would I have remembered that on Friday 16th November someone recommended a blog, or that on Monday 3rd December I discovered how many calories I needed to burn to lose a lb?

If there’s one tip I can give to anyone, its write it down, type it, do a blog, its FREE! And be honest. If you feel a bit “blah” be honest, then move on!

So today according to my plan I should be 166lbs, I must admit I am a little apprehensive getting on the scales after last weeks disaster, I know 1lb would be a lot to me normally, but I wanted more I’ll be honest.

So here’s the scales and what they told me! 165lbs!!!

11stone 11lbs. Yikes 13.2% of my body weight gone.

Oooo treat time!!! I better get it booked in this week

Number 5 {target time 18/12} – when I’ve lost 25lbs I’m going to treat myself to a luxury pedicure and manicure ready for Christmas

Great way to start the new dieting week, feeling a lot happier than last week that’s for sure.