Skin, hair, nails.


Day 3 – Week 9 – Thursday 20th December – day 4 Bootcamp

Skin, hair, nails. One thing I’ve noticed as another benefit to eating healthy and exercising is my skin hair and nails have gone lovely!

Especially my nails, maybe before I wasn’t getting enough calcium, well actually I know I wasn’t as I rarely ever had milk or cheese

The improvement to them all is wonderful, of course I’ve still got the odd spot (who doesn’t) but generally overall I have seen a massive improvement, must be all the oils etc I’m having.

Vitamins are a really important part of any healthy eating plan or excerise, I’d definitely recommend going to a local store and having a consultation to make sure you are getting all the vitamins you need (trust me you need lots of energy to do the 12 week challenge!)