Last day of bootcamp


Day 4 – Week 9 – Friday 21st  December – day 5 Bootcamp

Last day of Bootcamp today, YEY!! Smashed it, high fives all round?? (come on don’t leave me hanging)

Really enjoyed this week, instructor threw in a few new moves (even though shes not been feeling well) and we all had a real laugh. It seemed so daunting when I first started back in October, it was really hard ( it still is..but thats because I push myself by using a 6kg) and I could never imagine that I would really buzz off exercise!!

Its the little things that I notice.. mainly the fact I can touch my toes and do the stretches at the end, I suppose thats a benefit of losing weight that your body starts to adapt, I’m moving up slowly to being able to do the full workouts no stopping

Although you shouldnt focus on weight loss only I have to for this blog as my inch loss is a secret lol, but there are many health benefits to losing 20lbs of your body weight (follow the link)

And its TRUE! Doctors really should recommend Kettlercise classes to the obese!! ( I can say that, as I was seriously obese!)

My instructor is off 22nd-29th so first classes are back in the New Year, I’ve got my DVD’s volumes 1 and 2 and also a 4kg and 6kg Kettlebell so I’m going to get up and do 20 minutes every morning hopefully, and then try to do the abs blast too, will do this upto 29th December when I have my laser eye booked in.

Now its time for me to enjoy family time with my husband and enjoy wearing clothes and feeling happy wearing my Christmas jumper, I’ll do my review of the DVD’s over the weekend (thats if the world doesn’t end of that case you won’t be reading this and I wasted 10 mins this morning typing it ha ha!)

Happy holiday starting everyone