DVD Review Kettlercise


Day 5/6 – Week 9 – Saturday/Sunday 22nd/23rd

Here is my DVD review – Volume 1 Kettlercise for Women

The DVD starts off by explaining each move bit by bit, you are introduced to the Kettlebell and the terms used when describing the moved like “horns” etc.. you get shown by Guy the instructor and a different ladies each movement ( I like that the ladies doing it look very slim and toned so it gives you hope you can look that way)

Dont be put off though, they are not Barbie dolls, real women which is great in my eyes.

So after each move is explained (if you don’t laugh at the hip thrusting at first you are made of stone) then you go to the full body warm up, workout and cool down. Lasts around 50 mins all in.

I have my mats, trainers, water bottle, wrist bands and gloves all ready and laid out so I can just do the DVD no messing around. But you don’t need that much space, just be warey when doing the swings etc.

Guy then talks you through a program (to be honest I’ve not watched this bit as Ive got my plan with my trainer sorry)

DVD 2 is the express workout, I love this, you do a quick warm up (from DVD 1 or like me I know how to warm up) then your into the 20 minute blast, I skip the last floor workouts and move to the 8 minute abs part. Then I cool down and stretch.


I still prefer the classes, but only because I have a laugh with the girls. But if you’re not into classes, this is the one for you, in fact 2 of my work friends have bought it too!