Day 1 – Week 10 – CHRISTMAS DAY!! – WEIGH DAY – day 63


Hope you have all got what you wanted, and have woke up with a great smile on your face.. I know I have, I’m blessed with a husband who loves me and a family I love too. Happy days!!

It’s hard to get out of the habit of weighing yourself every Tuesday, so I weighed myself Christmas day morning!

And the scales said…….. Target 163lbs, 11st 9lbs.

162lbs!!! That’s it, treat number  6! Whoop Whoop!!!

Number 6 {target 25/12} when I’ve lost 2 stone, 28 lbs, I’m going to buy myself all new makeup

And thats perfect as I plan on going shopping Friday in the sales so I will be spending my saved up pennies on makeup too!

Since I started the challenge Ive saved a little each week to pay for the treats I planned.

So, back to Christmas, this will be a HUGE challenge for me.

It’s my time of picnics with the husband and family time.  We are heading to the in-laws  now and there is no dieting there thats for sure! No diet anything in the house, which isn’t a bad thing. But I need to stay controlled and try to remember how gutted I felt when I only lost a 1lb.

I’ve not seen them since before I started this challenge, wonder if they’ll notice I’ve lost weight?

But with only 2 weeks left I will not slip!

I have my eye surgery 29th December but I am going to follow the 2 week meal plan when I cant exercise

I just hope it works and I don’t gain during the no exercising time! So I’ll (hopefully) see you all next year! WITH NO GLASSES!!

It’s good to know I’ve started this Christmas with a BMI only saying “overweight”

I will be having too much fun to blog unless something catches my eyes I’m afraid, so be good! And I’ll see you all (hopefully without glasses..) in the NEW YEAR!!