Weigh day. New Years Day. 2013!!



Weigh day. New Years Day. 2013!!

Day 1 – Week 11 – Tuesday 1st January 2013

BUT lets see how I’ve managed so far over Christmas before I get excited about the new year too much, I’m dreading this… a lot.

According to plan I should be 161lbs, 11stone 7lbs

The scales say…. 161LBS!! Right on track!! A 1lb loss for Christmas is a little miracle lol

Phew… I’ve had such a great Christmas.. AKA ate my way through everything in sight and enough chocolate to sink a ship, whoops!!

So I had my eye surgery done on Saturday, I’m not going to lie it wasn’t the easiest thing, I think the worst bit is knowing I can’t exercise, I mean since when has that ever bothered me but I feel like I’m getting fatter already!

I am going to do a version of the meal plan for the next 2 weeks though, I’m going to refer back to the last time I did the diet (SEE Day 2 – Week 3 – Wednesday 7th November) and follow the day by day meal plan back then, as it worked! I will adapt it slightly as I do not need drastic results just a control of eating.

I’ve got the supplements this time and the shakes also. I’m not sure if I can take the supplements whilst I’ve had the laser eye done I need to check. But for now,

It’s the final countdown (done in best Rocky impression) to buy supplements see here http://www.kettlercise.com/SUPPLEMENTS/L8-CLA/flypage.tpl.html


2 weeks today is my final weigh in, final measurements, and FINAL PHOTOS!!

I’ve got Bootcamp booked for after my final weigh in , which is sods law, but I’m going to keep it up and get through between now and then as well, they are REALLY hard work but worth it!

I’m so excited to see the final photo comparison, you may all wonder what the fuss is about, but 10 weeks ago I was in a pretty bad place, I was, put simply, UNHAPPY.

I had a HUGE fold of flab on my belly, a massive waist measurement, yuk! I was “thick” my face was unattractive and my skin was dull, my body ached, my knees hurt carrying all the excess weight.

I was unhappy with myself, my appearance, my home life, my sex life (sorry mother) or lack of as I was too eager to hide away, my social life and the constant “cover up”, being on holiday and wearing literal smocks top to toe so I was covered.

Bad diet, bad skin, I used to snore really loudly too! Bad hair, and dry eyes… need I go on?

Also PCOS symptoms ruled my life… and now they have certainly lessened!

Literally my whole outlook has changed and I cannot thank Kettlercise enough, in fact I’d say they’ve got anew biggest fan. It’s not about the money, what’s happened to me is worth so much more than that.

I have a new game face, I have determination. There’s no need for New Year, New Me.. I like the me now!! (I never ever thought I would say that)

So now, for the final 2 weeks, head down, games on b*tches.  My eye surgeon said no aerobics for 1 week, and no weight lifting for 2 weeks, but I can review that and hopefully get back to class sooner!

Phase 4 final entry date is Monday 15th April 2013 so if you don’t start phase 4 before 21st January 2013 then you won’t become my competition for my instructors  “New teeth challenge” ha ha!! see (Day 3 – Week 6 –  Thursday 29th November)

 I’m going to leave  with a cliff hanger now, this will be my last post about the challenge until AFTER the winners etc are announced, this blog has been invaluable to me I could not have done this without this daily diary!

There are another 15 weeks between the 15th January and the 30th April so I’m hoping too that by the time that comes I should also be at my revised final no more weight loss target! Just healthy and STRONG!


I’d love to meet Guy Noble and get a certificate, even if its just a runner up, some kind of reconginition would be amazing!! Doing the challenge has been just what I needed, its not been easy, I wont lie. but worth it? Hell yes!

What I really want is to be 140lbs which is a BMI of NORMAL WEIGHT by the time the full phase is over, then even if I don’t get anywhere in the competition I know myself that going from seriously obese to normal weight in 6 months is a huge achievement for myself.

But that’s enough from me for now, See you on the other side!

Here’s to Health, Hope & Happiness for 2013 to all of you