Motivational Monday


Hope your 2013 is getting off to  a great start.

So, now I’m not focusing on the Kettlercise challenge (on the blog) for the next few weeks I think I’ll start to write more about other health issues and things that interest me from day to day

Mainly as I love to write, and I’m missing it already.

I’m going to try to structure things slightly differently and I’ve been trying to plan how I can keep myself going and for everyone reading (which I’m in shock about to be honest the number of hits I get a day is wonderful).

I’m going to start with “Motivational Monday”

It’ll be a quick and to the point post every Monday, to hopefully spur you on in your quest for weight loss or increased health!


Which motivational quotes do you love? 

PS. Phase 3 winners get announced at some point today! Can’t wait to see everyones results!