Getting back into the swing of things..

To give myself a bit of a kick start at the beginning of my challenge I’ve decided to do the 14 day meal plan again, it’s so easy to do!

I’ve dug out my shopping list from last time and I’m going to go back and re-read through the blog and see what meals I had, I’ve got my shakes and I’ve got my CL8 tablets just need to go get some green tea and I’m good to go!

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The general breakdown of meals is along the following lines I’ll put my food diary on here


Breakfast Vegetable juice /egg.

Mid Morning    Green apple

Lunch Tuna salad /

Mid Afternoon Low Fat Natural Yoghurt

Dinner Chicken Breast & steamed broccoli & spinach

Pre Dinner L-8 Lean Burn (Chocolate Flavour)

Water 8 glasses a day standard

green tea with lemon