About me


This is my blog, following my day by day progress through my Kettlercise 12 week challenge.. I’ve called it my teapot challenge (obvious link from Kettle to teapot)

It’s about much more than money, its about me, and my life. Here’s the start

All views, posts and opinions shared are my own, and noone elses. I have no link to Kettlercise other than that I am taking part in the 12 week challenge

For more information on the challenge visit the Kettlercise website and also follow me on twitter for daily mumblings.

I’m going to be honest, its going to be tough. I expect I’ll have a few hiccups along the way, but I hope at the end of the 12 weeks I’ll be look back and thinking it was worth the hard work!

This isn’t a sponsored blog, all the blathering’s and general “all hail” references to Kettlercise are simply because even after a few days I know that they are awesome!

I wont be publishing my “before” and “after” photos until after the winners are announced, I know I have no chance of winning, but it would be nice to leave something to the imagination ha ha!

Hopefully my friends who know me will see the transformation anyway, and as for you lot (if there is any of you) then you will have to wait (inch loss will not be published either sorry!) but it’s also about much more than the external transformation, it’s internal also!

I’m keeping it anonymous for the blog , I won’t be telling my friends about this and if you’ve stumbled across this or my twitter profile www.twitter.com/teapotchallenge then I do hope you stick around as eventually  I will put full details of my Kettlercise trainer and also a bit more about me!

Also, I did speak to my GP before hand to make sure I was okay going ahead with the plan, and I recommend if your considering doing it yourself that you do also!

For now, I hope you enjoy reading my blog, if you’ve any questions my email is teapotchallenge@yahoo.co.uk

(please note I’ll be updating a day behind so for example if today is Wednesday the new post will be Tuesday!)

My Teapot Challenge