DVD volume II

Day 2 – Week 8 – Wednesday 12th December Going back through the emails I receive from Kettlercise one of them is called 8 Pitfalls of Exercise & Eating Right, I won’t give… Continue reading

Weigh day Week 7

Day 1 – Week 8 – Tuesday 11th December Weigh day, I was starting to look forward to this,  my target set on day 1 was 169lbs on 11th December, I’m now… 169lbs,… Continue reading

High heels!

Day 7 – Week 7 – Monday 10th   December High heels! So as most women know, you feel your best when you are wearing your heels. Now, back “in the day” I used… Continue reading

5 things NOT to do at the gym

Day 5& 6 – Week 7 – Saturday/Sunday 8th/9th December This challenge for me was more of a personal one, to try and change my life, its working a day at a time!… Continue reading


Day 4 – Week 7 – Friday 7th December – day 5 Boot camp Final day of bootcamp, hurrah!! This is the day everyone bounds in full of energy and is busy laughing… Continue reading

4 down 1 to go!

Day 3 – Week 7 – Thursday 6th December – day 4 Boot camp 4 down, YEY!! Gets better after Wednesday, everyone has more energy strangely enough and seems alot happier, you can feel… Continue reading


Day 2 – Week 7 – Wednesday 5th December – day 3 Boot camp Motivation. Dedication. Sleep deprivation. I’m so tired. I have nothing to say other than I am dreaming about Kettlebells… Continue reading

Weigh day Week 6

Day 1 – Week 7 – Tuesday 4th December – day 2 Boot camp – WEIGH DAY! Oh my , this is flying by now, over half way through the challenge, YEY!! Day… Continue reading

How many calories to burn a lb of fat?

Day 7 – Week 6 – Monday 3rd December – day 1 Boot camp Day 1 of Bootcamp again, it’s really good being able to get your workout out of the way first… Continue reading

Its December already??!!

Day 5& 6 – Week 6 – Saturday/Sunday 1st/2nd December Its December already??!! Boot camp next week, every morning 6am at a hall about 5 minutes from me, I think getting up at… Continue reading