Day 4 – Week 6 – Friday 30th November Some of the best motivational quotes I’ve heard (most of them are via twitter see Day 1 – Week 4  for people I follow),… Continue reading

“It’s not about the money, money, money”

Day 3 – Week 6 –  Thursday 29th November In your best Jessie J voice… “It’s not about the money, money, money” Seriously, day 37 out of 84 and this is the first… Continue reading


Day 2 – Week 6 – Wednesday 28th November Went to a seminar this morning, for once didn’t feel quiet as self conscious as I normally would and I managed to find clothes… Continue reading

Weigh Day Week 5 done!

Day 1 – Week 6 – Tuesday 27th November 2012 Weigh day week 5 done! According to “plans” I set out to be 175lbs today, which is 12stone 7lbs, I’m well and truley… Continue reading

Everyone’s a winner baby..

Day 7 – Week 5 – Monday 26th November 2012 Everyone’s a winner baby, I’ve not really talked much about the actual Kettlercise 12 week challenge and why I decided to do it,… Continue reading


Day 5& 6 – Week 5 – Saturday/Sunday 24th/25th November Did Kettlercise Sunday, was really good, spent the weekend getting bits ready for Christmas and even did the 20 minute DVD workout on… Continue reading


Day 4 – Week 5 – Friday 23rd November 2012 Final Bootcamp done!! YEY!! It has been really good, cannot wait for the next one already GREEN TEA. A few weeks in now… Continue reading

We never did get that summer after all

Day 3 – Week 5 – Thursday 22nd November Eurk, I feel like Im getting ill, either that or the effects of the Bootcamp are getting to me more than I expected! Time… Continue reading

Thinking forward… to my new wardrobe…

I love my new attitude towards my health, I’m even starting to think forward to my new wardrobe at the end of the challenge, so regardless of how healthy I become my body… Continue reading

Nothing tastes as good..

Day 2 – Week 5 – Wednesday 21st November 2012 CHEAT DAY! Its finally here, cheat day, I actually feel bad doing it and am trying to avoid being too bad. As it… Continue reading