Weigh Day Week 4

Day 1 – Week 5 – Tuesday 20th November (day 14 meal plan) Day 28 out of 84… Will I ever get there??!!! Big bonus though, its day 14 of the 2 week… Continue reading

Health Benefits

Day 7 – Week 4 – Monday 19th November (day 13 meal plan) Bootcamp this morning was ace! Despite being motivated at the class I’m feeling a bit blah about the whole thing… Continue reading

New trainers

  Day 5& 6 – Week 4 – Sat/Sun    17th/18th Nov(day 11/12 meal plan)  Well I said I’d report back on my findings on the blog! My favourite is #5 Holiday Secrets… Continue reading

What to expect when you go to a Kettlercise class?

  Day 4 – Week 4 – Friday 16th November 2012 (day 10 meal plan) Just spoke to a lady who is doing the challenge too and she said she’s been keeping track… Continue reading

Fad diets

Day 3 – Week 4 – Thursday 15th November (day 9 meal plan) Hair booked for tonight, excited! Its my treat for losing 10lbs, very excited! Class is cancelled for tonight anyway due… Continue reading

What is Kettlercise?

Day 2 – Week 4 – Wednesday 14th November (day 8 meal plan) Its week 4 already?? So if you’ve never heard of Kettlercise you probably wonder exactly what it is? In simple… Continue reading

Weigh day week 3

Day 1 – Week 4 – Tuesday 13th November (day 7 meal plan) Week 3 weigh in!! I’m dreading this week, I can’t go to bums legs and tums, I’m having my hair… Continue reading


Day 7 – Week 3 – Monday 12th November (day 6 meal plan) Busy 2 weeks in work coming up, I hope I can keep my focus, signed up for 2 boot camps… Continue reading

Stand up straight

Still doing the diet plan, it’s getting easier; I must admit my first few days were a bit of a struggle, it does warn you about that though! Day 4/5 at the moment… Continue reading

Fact or fiction?

Day 4 – Week 3 – Friday 9th November (day 3 meal plan) Fact or fiction. I’ve been dieting for what seems like forever, and after talking to a few of my friends… Continue reading