Your nose looks thinner..

Day 3 – Week 3 – Thursday 8th November (day 2 meal plan)   “You can tell you’re losing weight… you nose looks a lot thinner” Quote of the day from the husband… Continue reading

Kettlercise DVD

Day 2 – Week 3 – Wednesday 7th November (day 1 meal plan) So I sat down last night and worked out my meal plan for today so within the summary I’m going… Continue reading


Day 1 – Week 3 – Tuesday 6th November Week 3?? Whoop!!! Kettlercise class this morning at 6am was pretty hard! Feeling very tired at the moment (I miss coffee!) Must be my… Continue reading

I avoided temptation!

Day 7 – Week 2 – Monday 5th November Weekends food intake was pretty good considering I went to a Bonfire Saturday night and there was FREE food, burgers, hotdogs, chips, hotpot, cakes,… Continue reading

Bonfire night

Day 5& 6 – Week 2 – Saturday/Sunday 3rd/4th November Bonfire night and stock take at the husbands shop this weekend, thankfully it’s not a food shop, although there is a cafe on… Continue reading

The flap

Day 4 – Week 2 – Friday 2nd November Kettlercise last night! It’s amazing how hard it is, it’s my 4th class (32 to go ha ha!) I try to keep myself in… Continue reading

L8 Lean Burn shakes..

Day 3 – Week 2 – Thursday 1st November Been speaking to my Kettlercise instructor this evening about supplements, always been hesitant to take anything in the past but she then explained about… Continue reading

Well hello Mr. Brick Wall

  Day 2 – Week 2 – Wednesday 31st October Feeling a bit like I’ve hit a brick wall today, I know the first week I did well, but I just wish the… Continue reading

Weigh Day Week 1 – done….

  Day 1 – Week 2 – Tuesday 30th October – Weigh day! I’VE COMPLETED MY FIRST WEEK!! HAPPY DANCE! Been on facebook looking at what people have been putting about Kettlercise, my… Continue reading

Some form of torture device from Russia..

Day 7 – Week 1- Monday 29th October Weekend over! Ok, so I think I did pretty well for my first weekend! Summary (2 days) Liquid intake:  lots of water Meals:  cereal sat/sun,… Continue reading