Won’t be writing much over the weekends, I’ll still be sticking to my healthy eating but its family time Saturday Sunday and we’ve got our step kids this weekend so intend on getting… Continue reading

The same as a 6.4 mile run

Day 4 – Week 1 – Friday   Kettlercise last night! Was really really hard work, I’m so unfit, everyone else is pulsing away and I struggle to keep up feel like I’m… Continue reading

a bit of a wobblejog..

Day 3 –  Week 1 – Thursday I ended up going to a BLT class last night, felt like I needed to do something that wasn’t running and that would kick start me!… Continue reading

Breath in its photo time..

  Day 2 – Week 1 – Wednesday Woke up wondering should I weigh myself already?! Surely a day of dieting must have done something, I resist though. I think someone needs to… Continue reading

Here we go…. day one…

Day 1 Agh, back to earth with a bump, first day back to reality after a week away in the sun, now, let me tell you, all inclusive is a sure fire way… Continue reading

My teapot challenge – me

Me. I’ve been gaining weight one way or another since 2008,  I was 140lbs on my wedding day, which for me meant a perfect size 12, I’m 5 foot 3 (stretched) when I… Continue reading