Where I started


I think its important to know where your coming from, the whole reality of the situation, and for you (the reader if there are any!) to know where I start from too & my plan of where I intend to go!

The plan is to lose weight, and lose dress sizes, I am so fed up of being FAT, unhealthy, overweight, disgusting!


Measurements have been taken, and before & after photos too

I started my first challenge, 23rd October 2012 and it ended 15th January 2013, exactly 12 weeks later. – I never entered this parts photos.

My second challenge started Wednesday 3rd April 2013 and will end 12 weeks later! This time no surgery mid way through so I can get maximum impact.

I’ll come back here after the winners, runners up and over all winners are announced and update you all with how I did.

I very much doubt I’ll win anything.

BUT I think it will be nice for you all to come back and see how I got on, also, I’m hoping this blog will give a few of you out there some inspiration to do it yourselves!! I’ve also kept this blog “anonymous” but I’ll add some more about me eventually.