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Last day of bootcamp

Day 4 – Week 9 – Friday 21st  December – day 5 Bootcamp Last day of Bootcamp today, YEY!! Smashed it, high fives all round?? (come on don’t leave me hanging) Really enjoyed… Continue reading

Week 8 Weigh Day – Cheaper than therapy

Day 1 – Week 9 – Tuesday 18th  December – day 2 Boot camp – WEIGH DAY! So I know from (Day 4 – Week 4 – Friday 16th November 2012) that I… Continue reading

Pushing through the pain barrier

Day 7 – Week 8 – Monday 17th  December – day 1 Boot camp So you know when you hit that brick wall, and everything inside you tells you to stop, well I… Continue reading

Night out

Day 4 – Week 8 – Friday 14th December Had a little trip away with work, so I’ll be in Paris and travelling Friday morning and coming back Saturday morning, so not much… Continue reading


Day 4 – Week 7 – Friday 7th December – day 5 Boot camp Final day of bootcamp, hurrah!! This is the day everyone bounds in full of energy and is busy laughing… Continue reading

4 down 1 to go!

Day 3 – Week 7 – Thursday 6th December – day 4 Boot camp 4 down, YEY!! Gets better after Wednesday, everyone has more energy strangely enough and seems alot happier, you can feel… Continue reading


Day 2 – Week 7 – Wednesday 5th December – day 3 Boot camp Motivation. Dedication. Sleep deprivation. I’m so tired. I have nothing to say other than I am dreaming about Kettlebells… Continue reading

How many calories to burn a lb of fat?

Day 7 – Week 6 – Monday 3rd December – day 1 Boot camp Day 1 of Bootcamp again, it’s really good being able to get your workout out of the way first… Continue reading


Day 4 – Week 5 – Friday 23rd November 2012 Final Bootcamp done!! YEY!! It has been really good, cannot wait for the next one already GREEN TEA. A few weeks in now… Continue reading

We never did get that summer after all

Day 3 – Week 5 – Thursday 22nd November Eurk, I feel like Im getting ill, either that or the effects of the Bootcamp are getting to me more than I expected! Time… Continue reading