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Where have I been?

Ah, the age old question.. where have I been?? Honest answer, bootcamping, exercising, eating way too much chocolate. Getting prepared for the new Kettlercise Challenge!! So excited, got my last challenge photos,… Continue reading

New treats and targets..

A big part of this challenge for me has been keeping motivated, I’m normally a very driven person in what I do work wise and personal life but when it came to diets… Continue reading

Motivational Monday

Hello! Hope your 2013 is getting off to  a great start. So, now I’m not focusing on the Kettlercise challenge (on the blog) for the next few weeks I think I’ll start to… Continue reading


I came across this today  I’m a sucker for a good old quote, the thing is for me it makes me think and strive for something better. Yes I do want to be… Continue reading


Motivational Posters..

Something to make you smile and make you keep on keeping on The second one is printed off.. something to aim to!

Pushing through the pain barrier

Day 7 – Week 8 – Monday 17th  December – day 1 Boot camp So you know when you hit that brick wall, and everything inside you tells you to stop, well I… Continue reading

5 things NOT to do at the gym

Day 5& 6 – Week 7 – Saturday/Sunday 8th/9th December This challenge for me was more of a personal one, to try and change my life, its working a day at a time!… Continue reading


Day 4 – Week 6 – Friday 30th November Some of the best motivational quotes I’ve heard (most of them are via twitter see Day 1 – Week 4  for people I follow),… Continue reading

“It’s not about the money, money, money”

Day 3 – Week 6 –  Thursday 29th November In your best Jessie J voice… “It’s not about the money, money, money” Seriously, day 37 out of 84 and this is the first… Continue reading