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Where have I been?

Ah, the age old question.. where have I been?? Honest answer, bootcamping, exercising, eating way too much chocolate. Getting prepared for the new Kettlercise Challenge!! http://www.kettlercise.com/Captify-Content-3/kettlercise-2012-challenge.html So excited, got my last challenge photos,… Continue reading

Wow Wednesday #ww Kettlercise Phase 3 Winner

Following on from the new ideas for the blog, I am going to do my Wow Wednesday, impressive weight loss or inch loss stories found on the interweb! The first one follows on… Continue reading

Getting the rythmn

 Day 2 – Week 9 – Wednesday 19th December Phase 4 final entry date is Monday 15th April 2013 so if you fancy giving it a go yourself I’d say do it, don’t… Continue reading


Day 3 – Week 8 – Thursday 13th December Ordering the supplements and shakes today ready for 1st January, I tried the shakes when I did my first 14 day plan, and they… Continue reading

4 down 1 to go!

Day 3 – Week 7 – Thursday 6th December – day 4 Boot camp 4 down, YEY!! Gets better after Wednesday, everyone has more energy strangely enough and seems alot happier, you can feel… Continue reading

Its December already??!!

Day 5& 6 – Week 6 – Saturday/Sunday 1st/2nd December Its December already??!! Boot camp next week, every morning 6am at a hall about 5 minutes from me, I think getting up at… Continue reading


Day 4 – Week 5 – Friday 23rd November 2012 Final Bootcamp done!! YEY!! It has been really good, cannot wait for the next one already GREEN TEA. A few weeks in now… Continue reading

Nothing tastes as good..

Day 2 – Week 5 – Wednesday 21st November 2012 CHEAT DAY! Its finally here, cheat day, I actually feel bad doing it and am trying to avoid being too bad. As it… Continue reading

New trainers

  Day 5& 6 – Week 4 – Sat/Sun    17th/18th Nov(day 11/12 meal plan)  Well I said I’d report back on my findings on the blog! My favourite is #5 Holiday Secrets… Continue reading

What to expect when you go to a Kettlercise class?

  Day 4 – Week 4 – Friday 16th November 2012 (day 10 meal plan) Just spoke to a lady who is doing the challenge too and she said she’s been keeping track… Continue reading